accretion by dereliction

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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  • accretion — /akriyshsn/ The act of growing to a thing; usually applied to the gradual and imperceptible accumulation of land by natural causes, as out of the sea or a river. Civil law. The right of heirs or legatees to unite or aggregate with their shares or …   Black's law dictionary

  • dereliction — /deralikshan/ The gaining of land from the water, in consequence of the sea, river, or stream shrinking back below the usual water mark; the opposite of alluvion (q.v.). Mexico Beach Corp. v. St. Joe Paper Co., 97 So.2d 708, 710. Also, land left… …   Black's law dictionary

  • reliction — re·lic·tion /ri lik shən/ n [Latin relictio act of leaving behind, from relinquere to leave behind] 1: the gradual recession of water leaving land permanently uncovered 2: land uncovered by reliction compare accretion Merriam Webster’s Dictionary …   Law dictionary

  • avulsion — /avalshan/ A sudden and perceptible loss or addition to land by the action of water, or a sudden change in the bed or course of a stream. Valder v. Wallis, 196 Neb. 222, 242 N.W.2d 112, 114. The removal of a considerable quantity of soil from the …   Black's law dictionary

  • reliction — /ralikshan/ An increase of the land by the permanent withdrawal or retrocession of the sea or a river. Process of gradual exposure of land by permanent recession of body of water. State Engineer v. Cowles Bros., Inc., 86 Nev. 872, 478 P.2d 159,… …   Black's law dictionary

  • List of law topics (A-E) — NOTOC Law [From Old English lagu something laid down or fixed ; legal comes from Latin legalis , from lex law , statute ( [ searchmode=none Law] , Online Etymology Dictionary; [http://www.m… …   Wikipedia

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